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Months and months and months of sooo much hard work has finally arrived!

To release this darn right AMAZING design just makes my heart HAPPY!

All the time and effort that has been put in, is RIDICULOUS!!

but so bloody FABULOUS!

Our MOTH is just beautiful she's  - QUIRKY  -  INDIVIDUAL  - UNIQUE

Individually hand-poured and even Individually hand spotted! 

But Most of all she is an INDIVIDUAL and no two will EVER be the same.

As we head in a NEW and EXCITING direction for Bob & Frank, as the artist and maker being UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, HANDMADE and TRANSPARENT is so important to me as a creative business. I hope you LOVE our moth as much as we do and cant wait to see where she goes.

I cant believe we are releasing a second colour!!!

CONFETTI CARNIVAL!! and it's just so special because YOU Amazing peeps ! picked it. All moths are INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUE  and will be selected at random but all are just as AWESOME as each other.


The stud top is approximately 15mm by 15mm with the body being 40mm by 50mm giving the overall design a length of 65mm

Your earrings have been HANDMADE from resin. Resin is super lightweight and won't create lobe pull, in saying that it will depend on the design and size.

When 1 or more is available they will be selected at RANDOM!

All my designs are of an ORGANIC nature. They will sometimes have AIR BUBBLES, they will sometimes not be SHINY all over, they will sometimes be UNEVEN in thickness but these little imperfections are apart of my style and my UNIQUE way in creating what you see here today.

Please note - we do our very best to capture the true colour of all our products but in saying that, colours may present differently on other monitors. 

Measurements are an approx size guide but also a guide for you so you can measure the size before purchasing. Please measure if unsure to avoid any disappointment.