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MILA has been a super popular design, and we'll loved over the years 💖 she was one of my very first statement studs I released in full resin 😍


Mila has a narrow top, and I would advise using a 4mm or 6mm earring post.

Mila is approximately 25mm 40mm

Don't forget to #moulditlikebobnfrank 🥰


Disclaimer - Have fun and enjoy your new shapes 🙌🏻 but what you can't do is sell moulds of my shapes. 

PLEASE NOTE - The master (the shape I've used to create the mould) I have made myself! It's not a store-bought shape or dish, I have moulded that baby with my own fingers 😂 it's not perfect or shiny, and it's not entirely smooth! It will still require some form of light sanding so please keep this in mind. It's ORGANIC and ORIGINAL  💖

All moulds are made from Barnes Pinkysil, which is a well-known brand.

Unfortunately, silicone moulds don't last, and over time they will become lighter in colour and eventually your resin will stick.

It's very unpredictable on how many pours you might get from your moulds. All resins are different and will wear on your moulds differently.

You may choose to use a mould release to help with the life of your mould.

I use

Which was advised from Barnes ❤️

And don't forget to #bobnfrank so I can see what you've done 😍






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