Bob & Frank

Butterfly - Large





Fabulous and breathtaking, It’s all the little details that make this intricate design shine. 🦋

Fitting together like a magical jigsaw puzzle and swaying in the breeze from hand-formed hooks.

You can’t help but walk with a pep in your step when you’re wearing our butterflies  😍


  • 45 x 60mm
  • Butterfly 
  • Extremely light
  • Made from hand-poured resin & acrylic
  • Surgical steel hand-formed hook



Me 😆


 Important note: 

Each individual product will have unique but minor variations in colour, pattern and overall look due to the making process and hand-poured resin.

You may also notice a slight colour variation depending on the computer monitor you’re using to view this website. 

I do my best to capture true and accurate colours so that the images you see here match what you’ll get in the post as closely as possible.