About Bob & Frank

Welcome to Bob & Frank

I'm a busy mum to 4 beautiful children that sometimes drive me totally insane! - but they have beautiful little souls and my life wouldn't be the same without them (would be quieter though)

I was working as a PCW (personal care worker) in aged care, which I absolutely loved my job and adored the elderly residents, but sadly I had to give it all away. With 4 children and a hubby that's away a lot! something had to give.

So in late 2016 Bob & Frank was born.

I needed something to keep me occupied throughout the day, between the kids, hubby and just life! Bob & Frank was my outlet, my sanity and just for me (because mum never comes first? Right! 😂)

In a short time Bob & Frank has grown and is still growing, starting with a little range in polymer clay earrings & necklaces.

Did I ever think resin & glitter would become my life! Um, no! but I’m sure glad it has. It challenges me and my creativity. I love how you will never get the same pattern twice. Bob & Frank is always evolving with a quirky twist but hey, that’s what makes us unique! 

All our designs are hand drawn and designed  by me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my store - We as crafty makers put our hearts and souls into each and every product we produce - For me it was a massive step putting myself out there " will people like my products " " are they good enough " So I jumped in!

Where will I be this time next year - I'm not sure, but I do know I will enjoy the ride :)


Marie 💋