One of the hardest things to find in a very saturated market is UNIQUE moulds! 

I struggled so much to find moulds that were different! Moulds that weren't made from Stock standard shapes! Moulds that gave my brand a unique twist!

Well now you can 🙌🏻 after many years of building my business and brand on my UNIQUE shapes I'm now sharing them with the world 🥰 

These shapes are very special to me, and Bob & Frank wouldn't be the same without them 💖 

I now offer a range in hand-sculpted shapes and acrylic cut shapes which have all been hand-drawn.

Want that point of difference! shop Bob & Frank moulds 🎉 




They are organic and my master has been moulded for polymer clay. They are meant to have a rustic feel to them, so please don't except A perfect piece like acrylic. They have been made with my hands! They might have high and low spots and sometimes not shiny all over, this is character and uniqueness and a look that has served me very well 🥰 They also might still require light sanding.

Please note - I'm happy for everyone to make and sell your cured resin pieces but what you can't do is RE-MOULD MY SHAPES AND SELL THE MOULD.