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Makeup Artist - Wearing our Organic Triangles

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The Owner & Designer

Marie is the maker behind Bob & Frank

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Dirty Pour

Wall Art

You'll NEVER want to take them off!

There is nothing more depressing than entering into an earring store, and everything you see is the same - colourlessdull and nothing original.

You want resin earrings that excite you and make you feel special 

Well, I'll show you into a world of ARTISAN DESIGNS RESIN EARRINGS that explode CLASH + COLOUR + QUIRK! 

 RESIN EARRINGS that you'll NEVER want to take off!

Featured collection

You'll Stir like you've never stirred before.

Designed by a resin maker for a resin maker! Stirring sticks that can be re-used over and over and over again! Are you sick of buying paddle pop sticks? Having to run to the shops because you've run out again? Our stirring sticks will save you TIME and MONEY, a design that will get your resin mixed in perfectly every time.

Easy to clean and ready to be used over and over and over again.

Bob & Frank

Stirring Sticks - Large




Stirring Sticks that work 🙌🏻
I have designed them to mix in all the resin that sits at the bottom of your cup. With an angled, curved edge that gets in nice and close on the edge of the cups. There isn't anything on the market like my stirring sticks, and I have put a lot of thought into the design 🙌🏻 made by a resin maker for resin makers. I get it and understand it. 👊🏻
No more running to the shops because you need more stirring sticks, no more wasting time and money! Our stirring sticks can be reused over and over and over and over again 🙌🏻 wipe them with rubbing alcohol before resin is cured, and they are like new all over again.
No more having the stick press into your palm and causing pain. Our stirring sticks have been made with a wide end to make them more comfortable to hold onto while working.

The large is approximately 16cm in length and 2.5 wide.

The stirring sticks are laser cut from acrylic and acrylic doesn't like to be bent, so please don't bend your stick as they may brake.


" Colour is everything in my work, and It allows me to express myself and my personality. I love how my hand-poured resin creates incredible works of art. Pieces that are unique and one of a kind."

💕 Customer Words 💕

Bob & Frank designs are my favourite! Marie's skill and eye for colour combinations and sparkle never ceases to amaze me. I always receive such lovely comments from people when I'm wearing a Bob & Frank design. The earrings are lovely and so light-weight - perfect for wearing all day. Thanks for your amazing designs Marie and for putting some beautiful sparkle into the world.

millie o'brien

I have purchased both earrings and homewares from Bob & Frank, and have never been disappointed. Marie’s items are always of superb quality and I get compliments every time I bring out the salad bowl or wear the earrings. I will continue to buy from her every chance I can!

Alannah Peta

Beautiful handmade work made by a kind and generous artist. Marie’s attention to detail and talent for creating beautiful things are some of the reasons that set her apart from other resin makers. Yet, it is her humble, fun, feisty and kind nature that makes her an outstanding artist to continually support. Also, she has great customer service. Packages are thoughtfully packed and she is always available to answer questions or accommodate special requests. Her work is truly joy-inducing. -MD

Maggie Davis

Frankly Resin

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